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  11. Supreme Court Reverses Court of Appeals in Geneva Towers (State & Local Tax Bulletin 1/03) [8.7K]

  12. Four Year Statute Runs from Date Taxpayer Could Deem Refund Claim Denied (State & Local Tax Bulletin 7/00) [5K]

  13. California's Franchise Tax Board Position on Recovery of Water's Edge Election Fees (State & Local Tax Bulletin 8/94) [10.6K]

  14. Beck Electric Supply: California Sales Tax Export Exemption (State & Local Tax Bulletin 9/95) [20.6K]

  15. Mobile M.R.: California Use Tax, De Minimis Use (State & Local Tax Bulletin 9/95) [15.7K]

  16. California Tax Amnesty . . . Not? (State & Local Tax Bulletin 1/05) [44.6K]

  17. Impending March 15, 1996 Deadline for Calendar Year Issuers of California Qualified Small Business Stock [8.9K]

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